Eric Hoffer Book Award - for Small, Academic, & Independent Books

Eric Hoffer Award E-Book Registration

The Eric Hoffer Award accepts e-books in two categories: fiction and nonfiction. To nominate an e-book, please take the following steps:

1) Fill out a registration form. The registration form may be filled out by hand or via our on-line PDF form. Please specify either "e-book fiction" or "e-book nonfiction" as the category.

2) Pay the entrance fee. Entrance fees may be paid on-line or by check or money order to Hopewell Publications, LLC. ( if postmarked before 12/14/; if postmarked after)

3) In the same e-mail, attach the e-book (PDF format preferred, but we can read other formats), registration form, and Internet payment receipt. Registration materials may also be sent via regular mail to our postal address. Please use the e-mail below only for registration materials:

NOTE: The e-book categories are for published books in digital format. No unpublished manuscripts please. Register by December 14, or sooner for discount registration fees.